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Director's Wish

Welcome to St. Xavier’s Institutions, particularly to XIBA!!!

XIBA is the third B-School of the Jesuit Madurai Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Following the footsteps of St. Ignatius, the founder of the society of Jesus, who said “Love ought to manifest itself more by Deeds than by Words”. In tune with the spirit of Ignatius, God’s gifts are seen as an invitation to place knowledge, talents, and skills at the service of others, especially the poor.

Jesuit education is a call to human excellence, to the fullest possible development of all human qualities. This implies a rigor and academic excellence that challenges the student to develop all their talents to the fullest. It is not only a call to critical thinking and disciplined studies, but also a call to develop the whole person, head and heart, intellect and feelings namely an integrated person.When XIBA commenced its operations in 2012, the vision was to mould, shape and form competent, committed, creative and compassionate leaders with values of justice and peace. Keeping the goals in view, our students are exposed to the modern and up to date curriculum and contemporary developments in Business Studies.

As a Premier Institution that prepares its students to address the important challenges of our time, we offer an affordable option to students seeking the new horizons, have an exchange with new challenges and opportunities.

You are welcome to visit our campus, talk with our dedicated faculty and students, and have an exchange with our Alumni. Let us be part of our preparation for life, leadership, service to the society and to the nation.

With Warm Wishes and Regards

Rev. Dr. A. Michael John, SJ
Director, XIBA

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