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The changing paradigms have made mandatory for an academic institution to foster a new breed of professionals – individuals equipped with the right kind of knowledge, technical skills, ability to think out of the box and innovation. The industry expectations have gone higher and only those sustain who have the right attitude and skills to accept challenges and increase the performance ladder each day. Hard work is no more the key to success alone but individuals are expected to work smarter and consistently without failure.      Read More


Faculty Members of XIBA are Competent, Committed, Conscience and Compassionate in the formation of our graduates to be men and women for others.


With a cutting edged curriculum and regionally bench-marked processes, XIBA helps to nurture high-caliber business-ready managers with a high social responsibility quotient.


XIBA has State of the Art Infrastructure as the first of its kind in South Tamilnadu facilitating a convenient learning environment to the students.


XIBA focuses on Club Activities to bring about a holistic formation in students and to provide opportunities for the continual interplay of the students’ Experience and Reflection into Action.


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