Summer Internship

XIBA arranges for the Mandatory Eight weeks of Summer Internship Programme in industries and organisations for each student at the end of the first year. The Internship programme focuses on imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge to students. The stay in the corporate world helps a student to have a close look at reality that links what s/he learn in classrooms and what really is the case in real situation. In this, emphasis is placed on application and connecting the dots. When a student returns to study in the third semester s/he recognizes the area in which s/he should specialize to chart a course of future career. In this sense, internship is a foretaste of future corporate career. A certain maturity and clarity is the major takeaway of the internship. This internship programme begins with weekly live-projects in a place close to the institute. Later, summer internship gives a longer stay in an industry for a deeper learning.

XIBA believes in making its graduates competent to become capable and employable. To that end, the XIBA students take up summer internship. One of the most important parts of completing Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree is to land a summer internship between the first and second years of the program. It will not only provide the students with much needed work experience to back up their education, but it will move them one step closer to landing a great full-time position after graduation with an employer of their choice. Internship allows students to build relationships with prospective employers, hone their skill set and explore new industry opportunities.

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