Research Hub

XIBA has a proud tradition of excellence in research. Right from its inception, the role of knowledge creation in tandem with knowledge dissemination has been stressed at our institution. More than 80% of the faculty holds a doctoral degree from leading institutions across the state. XIBA faculty members are strongly encouraged to pursue their research interests. They have published in leading National and International journals and continue to do that on a regular basis.

For learning to be effective it needs to be delivered in a congenial environment. At IIM Bangalore you will have access to world-class learning infrastructure which ensures that your pursuit of knowledge is not only a rewarding experience, but a thoroughly enjoyable one too.

XIBA is a Wi-Fi enabled campus. The Research Centre is available for use all times for the research scholars and a Print facility is provided at the Centre. High speed Internet, highly resourceful intranet, sharing software, and internal messenger make all work easy and quick. A common digital platform for various activities, ranging from fees to library journals to personal information to grades to attendance, makes compliances simple for the scholars.

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