Assessment of Learning

A student’s performance is continually assessed internally by the faculty. The main objective of the internal assessment is to help the students learn the habit of regular and serious academic work. The reason for doing continuous assessment is to secure a continuous and independent work rate and learning for students during the course.

The assessment methods include a variety of examination forms to reflect the content and working methods of the course.” Accordingly, it is important that students practice the assessment method before the final assessment. This curriculum embedded ‘continuous assessment’ allows for feedback to students and teachers. The internal assessment is done for 100 marks which include Mid Semester tests, Case Learning, Live Projects, Presentations, Seminars or any other form of assessment.

A student must obtain 50 marks for a pass in each subject. Marks obtained in CIA and semester is calculated for aggregate marks. To be eligible to write the semester examination, the student should have obtained the minimum pass mark in each subject. He/She may not be permitted to write the semester examination in the paper where he/she has not obtained the minimum in the internal assessment.

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