GO GREEN - Health and Hygiene Club

Caption: Think Globally and Act Locally

GO GREEN Club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst younger generation. The club makes the management professionals aware of different environmental problems like the conservation of water. Good hygiene and sanitation are critical for improving health and that becomes imperative for Eco Green club. In order to be socially responsible, the club intends to plant saplings and allocate responsible persons for maintenance with an intention to be a part in making our earth Green.


Caption: Prayer Power Peace

GRACE brings your concerns to God in prayer. XIBA prayer club employs a state-of-the-art "unified processing" system providing ministry via skills-based/language routing through religious contact methods and religious retreats. The club aims to maintain a living relationship with God through pondering over prayer books and prayer songs. This club organizes daily prayers at XIBA with insist on special occasions in social calendar. The club aims to create socially conscious professionals who would help the economically backward people by providing monetary and non-monetary support. The club also intends to inculcate the habit of sharing with the poor.


Caption: Express to Impress

XIART Club enhances students’ skills and uncovers students’ talents. This club provides a comforting Zone for the students who are inclined to their imaginations and talents. The club reaches out to the other institutes of the university through various activities and widen their spectrum. The club encourages the students with an interest in performance realm both on stage and off stage events. The club provides a venue for exploration of various hidden talents and also exchange of ideas amongst students who share a common interest. The club provides a comforting vent for students who enjoy all aspects of the performing arts (singing, dancing and acting). The students are encouraged to learn the skills and rehearse for each spectacular activity.


Caption: Winning is not everything it is only a thing

XIPLAY will take pride in being touted as one of the most popular clubs on campus which organizes sports events throughout the year Sports are an inseparable part of life at XIBA. The events are not only for students but our faculty, diligent workers, cherished alumni and plethora of sportspersons from other colleges. XIPLAY club is not only for playing games but also makes sure that there is improvement in the quality of life, fitness and health through daily exercises. The club promotes student interests in games and sports by organizing sports meet once a year. The club aims to organise periodical tournaments in both indoor and outdoor sports-TT, carom, chess, volleyball, cricket, football and basketball. The club organizes morning and evening walks, wellness and grooming sessions to facilitate a better lifestyle for all.

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