Competence Building

Student Seminars

Every week students give presentations on different topics from the papers they read in semesters. This aims at helping them to gain clarity, comprehend the core ideas and articulate them in public. In these seminars we want our students to develop critical thinking and acquire skills to argue their case, instead of repeating what they have heard in classrooms.

Communication Skills

We want our graduates to become adept in communication skills. Given their rural background and their schooling in vernacular language, we need to conduct a month-long bridge course to improve their communicative English. In addition, every week a considerable number of hours is allotted to help them acquire language skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. And the students are helped to acquire ICT skills. For this, we have state-of-the-art computer labs with many terminals. The students use software programmes to make their learning easy and effective.

XIBA offers value Added certificate course in Communicative English for its students. At the end of this course, the students become confident to converse in English. Also they are provided with a value added certificate.

Journal Scan

XIBA Library offers a range of information services to support the learning process set to the highest professional standards. The Library holds knowledge resources predominantly related to management and allied subjects. The National and International journals that are available in the library leverages the students to research on various concepts and make them reproduce articles of their own. The students make themselves informed on current issues during the Journal Scan time.

STAND Programme

STAND (Students Training and Action for Neighborhood Development) is an extension activity of the Institute which aims at exposing the students to rural reality and life situation so that the MBA graduates passing out of XIBA would leave the institute with compassionate, competent, concerned hearts to express their solidarity with the disadvantaged brothers and sisters surrounded by them. Students organise Veterinary Camp, Eye Camp, Awareness on 108 Ambulance Service and Awareness Camp on Health, Hygiene and Environmental Issues, in partnership with corporates, government hospitals and local government units.

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